2nd International Symposium on Education and Social Sciences (ESS 2021)


Hotel: Aurum International Hotel

Address: No. 30, Nanxin Street, Xincheng District, Xi'an City, China

About Shaanxi

Provincial capital: Xi’an City

Address of the general office of the provincial government: Xincheng Yard, Xincheng District, Xi’an

Zip code: 710006 

Telephone no. of the provincial government: 029-87292341, 87292357

Website of the provincial government: http://www.shaanxi.gov.cn 

Shaanxi has a time-honored history. It is a major birthplace of Chinese civilization. In ancient times, it was the location of Yongzhou and Lianghzou, as well as the native place of Yan Emperor and the burial place of Yellow Emperor. In early years of the Western Zhou Dynasty, King Cheng of Zhou took Shanyuan as the boundary. The western Shanyuan was controlled by Zhaogong. The descendants therefore named the western Shanyuan as “Shaanxi”.

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